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“Who Holds My Phone At My Wedding?”: Wedding Planner Support on Wedding Day

Ever wondered, 'Who holds my phone at my wedding?' Through the support of your wedding planner – meet your Wedding Day Couple's Assistant!


Who Holds My Phone At My Wedding?

As a woman, I am always wondering where to put my hands for photos. Peace sign, hand on hip, invisible clutch - there are too many options! Not to start a war but, all of those options are either too Gen Z or too Millennial - according to the internet. Who cares! I just don’t want to feel awkward, especially because most of the time I'm holding my phone in these photos.

two brides holding hands

So if I can’t get my hands right for a photo, or admit that my phone is an extension of my arm, I can’t even imagine what to do on my wedding day …Right? Nope - good thing I am a wedding planner and know just the solution!

Having my own wedding planner for my wedding day to support me throughout the day - awkward hands and all!

couple celebrating after their ceremony
bride and groom taking a shot

So unless you’re the lucky few that have a dress with pockets (we love pockets!), you’re gonna want a go-to bestie on wedding day to hold your things, remind you that your hands aren’t awkward and support you.

Couple's Assistant

In reality, we don’t want you carrying your own phone even if you have pockets! And we definitely don’t want you to even concern yourself with where to put it. With that, all of our packages at Celebrations! Weddings & Events include a “Couple’s Assistant” to ensure you are fully taken care of on wedding day!

who holds my phone at my wedding

Our Couple’s Assistant is with you pretty much all day to provide support and assistance with anything you may need. We love to make sure that your dress isn’t dragging on the floor getting dirty, that you don’t have any lipstick on your teeth for photos, keeping you hydrated, carrying your bouquet so your arm doesn’t get tired before dancing begins (those things are heavy!), and so much more. It is our personal favorite part of the day!

wedding planner holding dress for bride
wedding planner, bride and groom

Of course, while it is very likely you will have your closest friends and family by your side making sure you’re having a great time, we want them to fully unwind and enjoy the event to the fullest, too! Whether you have a wedding party or not, we can be your go-to friend that gets the job done so you and everyone else can soak in each moment!

Why We Do What We Do

In the end, we are here to serve you for your wedding as best we can. During planning, at the wedding and beyond through friendship. The wedding isn’t just about 1 day, it's about the memories that are made throughout the planning process and on the wedding day.

Nothing ensures you, your friends, and family can soak in each moment with joy and hold each memory like having a dedicated support system by your side handling all those everyday details


Check out some of our Real Wedding Blog to read about what some of our other couples have experienced through their planning journey and with their Couple’s Assistant.

Let’s chat deeper about our support on wedding day through a Complimentary Consultation - we cannot wait to be by your side!


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