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Wedding Budget; What a Wedding Planner Thinks

We’re going to dive right into probably the most taboo topic of wedding planning - the budget. No one ever really wants to start any wedding conversation with this topic, but it is a must! As your wedding planners, we will always share the importance of money talk throughout the planning process.


Wedding Budget in General

Now, we get it! People are always asking you, “how much are you spending?”, “that’s too expensive?”, “you spent how much on a dress?”. Frankly, it is no one’s business! Money is relative to what you have and want to spend. Everyone’s priorities are different and no one has the right to comment or judge on what you want for your wedding day. It's not their wedding!

With that being said, we feel that setting a budget for your wedding should be the very first step in your planning journey. This number can truly set the tone for your priorities, and properly set you up for success for future steps. We definitely don’t want you to overspend before knowing what you truly have to work with!

"Sophia has a great way with people." - Amy & Luis"

We always recommend chatting with each other about what you’d like to contribute to the wedding, and kindly and gratefully asking your families if they are providing any financial assistance (we can have a whole other chat about how to go about this question!). After these conversations, you’ll truly narrow down a general number you are able to spend and cross referencing that with what you are hoping to spend (or not spend, lol).

"I've worked as a musician on events with her and knew she would be able to coordinate both my vendors and guests with grace." - Amy & Luis

What Does A Wedding Planner Do For The Budget

From there, we pop in to help! Although at Celebrations! Weddings & Events our Full Planning & Design, and Partial Planning & Design Packages include a Budget Meeting, we are able to add this service on to any package and at any point in your planning journey. We know how important of a step this is!

Don’t worry about diving in right away to what things cost for a wedding - DJ, Photographer, Catering, etc. - we’ve got you! As your wedding planners, we learn about your vision, help you navigate what your real priorities are and guide you through what we are seeing throughout the industry.

"If we didn't have her, we wouldn't have known our wedding cake company had closed and disappeared! I was very happy to have her help us." - Amy & Luis

With our professional help, you won’t have to do the digging - we’ve already done that for you! We’ve been gathering vendor quotes, package details and industry education throughout our many years of experience to ensure we are as accurate as possible during our budget meetings (and all meetings!) so our couples are set up for success! They say, “Time is Money” and we know how valuable your time and energy is leading up to wedding day.


Contact Us to chat about the importance of a wedding budget and how we can pop in to make this topic more enjoyable and set you up for planning success! Schedule your complimentary consultation now by reaching out!

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Photographer: Angelika Krug

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