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Wedding at the Tampa River Center: Is it good luck to have rain on your wedding day?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Learn how an amazing vendor team can make the world of difference when navigating rain on your wedding day


Every wedding tells a unique story - Dani and Neal's wedding day was no exception! Held at the beautiful Tampa River Center, their wedding encompassed many romantic, exciting, and unexpected moments that we are beyond excited to share with you.

Let's dive into Dani and Neal's wedding, share their story and reassure you that rain can be good luck on your wedding day - all with the help of an amazing vendor team!

wedding at the tampa river center

- "Sophia and her team were absolutely amazing! We chose the partial planning package, and the value they provided far exceeded our expectations." - Dani and Neal

It's pretty obvious as a wedding planner why Dani and Neal fell in love with the Tampa River Center as their wedding venue. Between the stunning windows highlighting the scenic Tampa skyline, and the accessibility to the Tampa River - there is no way to go wrong here!

As Tampa natives, Dani and Neal were taken away with the gorgeous views and indoor-outdoor feel of the venue. They did not even blink an eye when moving out of state halfway through the planning process because they were confident in their decision with the Tampa River Center!

- "Throughout the entire process, Sophia was by our side, anticipating our needs, and handling details we hadn't even considered. Her dedication and commitment truly went above and beyond our wildest expectations." - Dani and Neal

Getting Ready

The morning of the wedding was so much fun! (especially because we booked a room in Dani and Neal's room block at The Westin Tampa Waterside to stay close to the action!) Starting the day strong is an understatement - they had a great Hair and Makeup Team (Michele Renee The Studio) and both Dani and Neal's Wedding Parties were a blast - always making sure they were having a good time.

This makes our jobs as your wedding planner even better because we have a go-to person on wedding day to ensure the couple isn't bothered by a single thing! Our "Couple's Assistant" is dedicated to you and your Wedding Party to tackle any needs (keeping you hydrated, supporting your photo/video team, organizing your personal items for the day, and so much more!)

The risk of rain was not even on the radar until the early afternoon - then it was time to make a decision leading into the setup portion of the day.

- "We wholeheartedly recommend Sophia and her team to anyone in need of a dedicated and exceptional wedding planner." - Dani and Neal

Back At The Venue

As the Photographer/Videographer, The Lemons Photography, was working hard back at the hotel with the couple, vendor arrival at the venue was going wonderfully! Our DJ (5Star Entertainment), Caterer (Delectables Fine Catering), and Floral (Runway Botanical) teams began doing what they do best!

While the setup process furthered, we were all continuously checking our radars. All was in the clear! It wasn't until the ceremony was entirely set up that the sprinkles started to fall - we knew a decision needed to be made.

Typically, "weather calls" are required to be made much earlier in the day, if not the day before. The reason for an early rain call is to ensure everything is set up accordingly in time and to avoid any vendor equipment being damaged (we know how precious that DJ setup is!). In this case, a weather or rain call could not have been made in the morning hours, because the weather prediction had us in the clear!

rain back up plan at the tampa river center

- "[A] memorable moment occurred when the weather in Florida took an unexpected turn for the worse just 15 minutes before our outdoor ceremony. It started pouring rain, and we had to activate our backup plan." - Dani and Neal

Making The Call

It is so important to us to ensure that the couple does not have to make these tough decisions on their wedding day, isn't interrupted to problem-solve any changes, and are truly immersed in each step of their day. That's why they hired us!

As we reviewed our options (because we did have a plan b from the start!) all of the vendors came to an agreement on what worked best for their setup needs. Our original weather backup plan was not feasible because the rain was coming in completely sideways. With that, we decided to completely flip the cocktail hour space and use it for the ceremony - introducing plan c.

- "Moreover, she effectively communicated with both of us throughout the process, involving us in important decisions and keeping us informed every step of the way. The ceremony and the entire evening went flawlessly from there." - Dani and Neal

Once the plan was set, we explained the situation and the detailed solution to Dani and Neal. Although they were hoping the initial riverside ceremony would play out, they understood the circumstances and that we had their backs 100%.

Guests began arriving and taking cover indoors. Our amazing event assistants were able to ensure guests were kept comfortable and informed of any delay (we love having those extra sets of hands on our team!). At this moment, we began full speed ahead on our plan c.

Vendors Making It Happen

We are so grateful for our vendor friends, The Lemons Photography, for stepping in as more than what they were hired for. Together, the Celebrations! team and The Lemons Photography worked to move another set of 120+ chairs to the new ceremony space. In the meantime, Runway Botanical and 5Star Entertainment moved all of their pieces (Runway Botanical was even doing this in the rain - total Rockstars!)

wedding day rain back up plan

- "In that critical moment, Sophia took charge and swiftly intervened. She and her team efficiently moved everything, ensuring that our ceremony commenced with a mere 15-minute delay. Witnessing her exceptional problem-solving skills, quick thinking, and remarkable leadership was truly impressive." - Dani and Neal

Happy Couple

After only a short delay, we were able to continue to wedding day as planned and ensure Dani and Neal still had the wedding of their dreams!

As their planners, we were sure to evaluate all of the options and cross-reference them with what we know about the couple's vision, needs, and expectations. With months of planning and building a true friendship, we are able to problem-solve for our couples quicker and more effectively. We know their vision and desires as our own and work to implement the original plan to the best of our abilities.

tampa wedding planner

- "Sophia ensured that every detail was perfect, and everyone had an incredible time" - Dani and Neal

The Rest Of The Night

The night moved forward with all of the original romance and excitement that was originally set in place. From the elegant table settings, brilliant Tampa Florida views, gorgeous table and hanging floral pieces, a killer DJ, delicious food, and more. Dani and Neal really hit the jackpot with a supportive, kind, and talented vendor team.

- "To top it all off, at the end of the night, Sophia made sure that all our personal belongings and wedding items were safely secured in our hotel room. It was such a relief to know that everything was taken care of, allowing us to fully enjoy our special day." - Dani and Neal

In the end, Dani and Neal had the wedding day of their dreams. They were able to focus on themselves, their friends, and their family because their Celebrations! Weddings & Events planning team was able to support them and problem-solve for them.

- "We are beyond happy and appreciative of Sophia and her team. We genuinely don't know what we would have done without them. Hiring them was truly the best investment we made for our wedding." - Dani and Neal

Is Rain Good Luck?

So, back to the question - is it good luck to have rain on your wedding day like everyone says? We'd like to think the answer is yes! In reality, it is amazing luck when you set yourself up for success with a vendor team that is there for YOU! Dang Florida and its indecisive rain!


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Photo Booth: 5Star Entertainment

Hair and Makeup: Michele Renee The Studio

Table Top Rentals: Gabro Event Services

Transportation: Ambassador Limousine

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