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An Untraditionally Traditional Wedding at The Howey Mansion: Maria & Husni's Wedding With A Twist

We are really excited to share the incredible story of Maria and Husni's wedding day! Held at the absolutely stunning The Howey Mansion in Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida, their wedding was a perfect fusion of cultures, uniqueness, and #vibes.

An Untraditionally Traditional Wedding at The Howey Mansion

- " There are just so many amazing things I could say about Sophia! First of all she made my dream wedding come to life." - Maria and Husni

Each special touch to their wedding truly (captured by the amazing Stephanie Velez Photography and AO Cinematics) encompassed what Maria and Husni love about each other, but what their family and friends love about them, as well!


Two Cultures as One

Maria and Husni’s connection transcended cultures, and it was important for them to honor both their heritages throughout their wedding day. Maria being Colombian and Husni being Arab, they both have cultural traditions and qualities that were on the priority list.

Wedding at The Howey Mansion

Throughout the night, Maria’s Colombian heritage shined as guests were thrilled with a variety of food selections. Arthur’s Creative Events and Catering is truly one of the best of the best! They provided so many tasty options to thrill the guest’s taste buds - from Ropa Vieja on Tostones to Colombian Sancocho. The only sad news is that Maria and Husni did not get to enjoy a bite of absolutely everything - they were having way too much fun!

This brings us to how Husni’s family traditions brought even more fun into the night. During a dance called Dabke Maria and Husni’s families came together to dance and chant. An unforgettable moment of the night to say the least! Nearly every guest was on the dancefloor participating in the festivities and ensuring the night would not come to an end.

Dabke at a Wedding

- "Sophia made sure to be there for me whenever I needed her, she was only a phone call or text away and was super responsive. " - Maria and Husni

A Unity Ceremony That Satisfies Your Cravings

Maria and Husni took their fun and sweet personalities and incorporated that aspect of their love story into their unity ceremony which was unlike any other we’ve seen,

To symbolize their union through marriage, Maria and Husni made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - yes! You read correctly… peanut butter and jelly sandwich! We are obsessed!

Peanut Butter and jelly Unity Ceremony
Peanut Butter and jelly Unity Ceremony for a wedding
Peanut Butter and jelly wedding Unity Ceremony

- "She tackled any issues wedding day so effortlessly" - Maria and Husni

As you can imagine, one had peanut butter and one had jelly. By combining the two, they created a sandwich. How unique is that??

After knowing Maria and Husni for over a year through the planning process, we can absolutely say how on-brand this is for them. This unique concept for their unity ceremony truly captured their personalities, how it ties their relationship together, and what can be viewed as the glue to the strength of their marriage for the future.

Did we mention that Maria’s grandma was the flower girl? Just another fun way Maria and Husni played with tradition to fit their lives <3

flower grandma

Literally a Vibe

Although Maria and Husni planned for many traditional aspects in their wedding, they really wanted to steer away from the classic “traditional wedding” atmosphere. Similar to how they incorporated the traditional idea of a unity ceremony while adding a fun twist, Maria and Husni did the same for the design of the evening.

Throughout the planning process, it was evident that we were aiming for a warm boho (Bohemian) style while capturing the romantic vintage feel of the The Howey Mansion. With that, Maria and Husni wanted to add a chic touch to many of the details. The question was, how do we tie all of those aspects together AND provide a less formal version of a wedding?

orlando wedding planner

- "She was extremely professional and organized with every single detail from the beginning of the planning process till wedding day." - Maria and Husni

All of that in mind, Maria and Husni’s boho-chic cocktail reception was designed!

Through the use of added greenery, we were able to create the perfect pop of color, variety, and contrast within their color palette of burnt orange, burgundy, and blush (thanks to Runway Botanical) These colors became the focal point of many other areas of design throughout the night.

- " I am so glad we crossed paths and I wish I could hire her to plan every event in my life." - Maria and Husni

Keeping to the cocktail reception idea, Maria and Husni did not provide formal seating for all of their guests. Instead, we used cocktail tables scattered throughout the space and stylish lounge furniture for guests to enjoy a conversation on or for a photo op! Our formal seating areas were reserved for family only, as well as for our newlyweds. RW Style and EventWorks had everything we needed to enhance the space and create an unforgettable vibe for the night.

We could not be more obsessed with how gorgeous everything turned out! Their vision created such a wonderful atmosphere for their guests where they were able to catch up with friends and family and celebrate the marriage of Maria and Husni.

We Love Being Part of the Team

We are so grateful to have been a part of Maria and Husni's wedding planning journey and wedding day. It was a pleasure to witness their love story unfold and to create a wedding that reflected that story! *see full vendor list below*

If you're envisioning a wedding that beautifully blends cultures, radiates romance, and embodies your uniqueness, we would be thrilled to help bring your vision to life! Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation and let us support you through the planning process!

- "Hiring Sophia was the best decision I could have ever made and I hope whoever is thinking about hiring her does not hesitate for one second to do the same." - Maria and Husni


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Videographer: AO Cinematics

Rentals: RW Style and EventWorks

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