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Ultimate Guide To Making Wedding Planning Fun

First things first, hire a wedding planner. Fine - Joking! … sort of.

In all seriousness, hiring a wedding planner will truly set you up with the best tools to have the most enjoyable and fun wedding planning experience.

Our planners at Celebrations! Weddings & Events prioritize each couple’s need and desire to ditch the “stress” and really make the most of their engagement.

Wedding Planning should never feel like a chore. It is supposed to be a way for you and your fiancé to plan your future - and your future starts with saying "I Do!”. What better way to start forever than with an enjoyable experience?


Turn Tasks into Date Nights

This is probably our favorite piece of advice. As your wedding planners, we mention this MANY times in the planning process. There are so many reasons why this is special and important.

Think of all the fun activities that you and your fiancé will get to do together throughout this process. Here are some of our favorite things that can be used as a “date” excuse:

  • Catering Tastings

  • Ring Shopping

  • Engagement Shoot

  • Cake Tastings

  • Venue Events

*bonus: your floral mock-up piece can be used as a décor piece for your next at-home dinner date <3

Many of the suggestions above are milestones in the planning process in general, but especially throughout your engagement. Think of each one as another mini-celebration of your engagement and a check off on your to-do list!

Stay Organized with Creative Tools

For my Type-A girlies and guys out there - we love an organizational tool! I’ll say it once real quick - your wedding planner is probably the best organizational hack out there! But because we love to give advice and chat about how to stay organized, let’s go through some general tips.

There are tons of websites out there telling couples to use their services, buy their binder, and create a profile! We get it, there are a lot of options - that’s why having your planner to keep you organized is best because they have done it hundreds of times.

Our best piece of advice, besides having a planner, would be these tips:

  • Create a designated wedding email address

  • Make multiple boards on your Pinterest for each topic

  • Get a Google Drive

  • Consider opening a checking account to rack up some points while spending on the wedding

These tricks are the basics to start off strong and continue even stronger throughout the planning process. Now, we could dive deep into why each item is important but, let’s save that for another blog post!

Find a Vendor Team That Fits Your Personalities

Having a supportive vendor team is priceless. This group of individuals is what will make your wedding day come to life. But that’s just one day, right? We want you to love your vendors enough that each meeting with them feels like catching up with a friend!

That’s one of our favorite parts of our jobs as your Florida Wedding Planners. At Celebrations! Weddings & Events, we want you to have fun because we are also having a great time! We love to chat with our couples and get up to speed on what is going on in everyone’s lives <3

Each meeting with a vendor can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. That’s a long time together - especially when you have a team of 5+ vendors. Your vendors should be what you are looking for service-wise and quality-wise, but having a personality that matches you is a cherry on top of an enjoyable experience while planning.

Your wedding day will reflect your vision as an extension of your love story. Having a great vendor team that also embodies these qualities will make for an even more elevated wedding day vibe and atmosphere.

Break Tasks into Bite-Sized Steps

It is totally normal to want every detail completed right away - but Rome wasn’t built in a day! Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the entire process, break down the planning into smaller, manageable tasks.

Having a wedding planner guide you through the priorities each month in the process can be super helpful! What we’d tell you as your Orlando Wedding Planners would be to create a list of what each month's tasks will be. From there, you can feel a sense of accomplishment when each one is completed and become excited for the next step toward “I DO”!

Self-Care Above All!

I think we all know how important self-care is in general and take steps towards it every day. Well, many of us TRY to make these changes daily! It is okay to have a tough week and push priorities to the side, but ensuring you are taken care of physically and mentally is so important.

This is especially something to keep in mind through the wedding planning process. It can be easy to be caught up with work, your wedding to-do list, who is upset they weren’t invited, or what color the bridesmaid's dresses should be. Take a breath… go back to the last tip - bite-sized steps.

You have the support of your fiancé, your friends, your family, your planner, etc. throughout this process - but be sure to support yourself! Take time to do the happy little things that bring you joy. Maybe that’s a bike ride 2 times a week, a face mask before bed, or binge-watching your favorite TV show on a Sunday (yes the entire Sunday!). Whatever it is, take the time to do it. Happy Wife Happy Life right?

Working on your internal happiness will bring even more positive vibes your way! Cheers to that!


All in all, the wonderful world of wedding planning can truly be an enjoyable experience. We’re tired of the movies making chaos out of it - it is simply not realistic!

While we might have teased about hiring a wedding planner, the truth is, their experience, skill, and guidance can turn your planning journey into an even smoother ride and add some even more fun moments. At Celebrations! Weddings & Events, we're all about putting your needs and desires front and center, ensuring that wedding planning feels less like a task and more like a joyful step towards your future together.


Want to have fun with us while planning your wedding? Book a Complimentary Consultation with us now so we can start our friendship sooner rather than later!

Stay tuned to our Orlando Wedding Blog to learn more tips about wedding planning <3


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