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Two Brides - One Story: Nicole & Tiffany's Wedding Journey

We have an extra special real wedding blog for you all today. The story of Nicole and Tiffany gives us the extra goosebumps we love! We love supporting women and this story just ties in all the right places!


A Decade of Love

Ten years in the making, Nicole and Tiffany's story began in high school. They went from friends to best friends. Their bond evolved into a love that's going to last a lifetime.

"Perfect execution is an understatement. Sophia was our planner for the last year and a half and she did not disappoint." - Nicole & Tiffany

Obviously, their friendship led them to fall head over heels for each other. Who doesn’t love a friends to lover story?? We have chills just thinking about it. But wait until you read about the proposal!

A Proposal to Remember

Nicole and Tiffany have always loved visiting New York City while making travel plans. With that, they went along with New York activities as they would normally as a young couple. But things took a turn in the best way possible!

"From the moment we met Sophia it was an instant connection and felt like a friendship we’ve had for years which made the planning process so much more fun and enjoyable." - Nicole & Tiffany

As they were skating at Rockefeller Center (on opening night, by the way!), the skating rink began to clear. Suddenly, Nicole and Tiffany’s song began to play over the speakers at Rockefeller Center. They were the only 2 on the rink.

Overwhelmed by the excitement and cheering from the crowd, Tiffany says that Nicole almost forgot to even pop the question as she was down on one knee! Of course Tiffany said YES!

We are literally crying over this right now! Nicole rented out Rockefeller Center in NYC on opening night to propose to Tiffany; her friend, best friend and now partner <3

Wedding Day Favorites

Nicole and Tiffany know how unique and special their bond is and how important that foundation is to their future. But what truly stands out to them about their story and wedding day is the fact that they are both brides.

"Sophia’s attention to detail and having our backs with vendors was incredible and greatly appreciated. She definitely went above and beyond for us but that seems to be the norm with Sophia." - Nicole & Tiffany

With this in mind, they were both so thrilled to have created an all women crew for their wedding. From the photographer, wedding planner and rest of the amazing, hand-picked, vendor team - they had a supportive team that perfectly matched their wedding day vision.

Their ceremony held a remarkable moment - a table with a box, a bottle of wine, and love notes written to each other the night before their wedding. In this moment of the ceremony, they were able to also seal away the vows they just read aloud to each other, their family and their friends. The intention behind the box and wine is to re-open it on their 25th anniversary or anytime they feel they are in need of a reminder of the love they began with on their journey to forever.

"The wedding day was PERFECTLY executed down the the T and we couldn’t be more grateful. This was the best money we spent and we’d do it a million times over if we had to." - Nicole & Tiffany

These moments of raw emotions were some of the strongest memories taken by Nicole and Tiffany from their wedding day. Seeing each other on the walk down the aisle is something that they say no feeling could ever compare to.

Celebrating with Celebrations!

Other than the importance of having their closest family and friends on their wedding guest list to ensure the entire day was special and filled with love, Nicole and Tiffany are so grateful to have decided to book a wedding planner.

While sharing their thoughts on the importance of having a wedding planner, they shared why they felt having someone to support them was essential. Having a wedding planning team like Celebrations! Weddings & Events saved them time and money, but most importantly allowed them to fully LOVE the wedding planning process. This experience allowed their day to be that much more special; they knew they were fully taken care of.

After meeting with their planner, Sophia, at the beginning of the planning process, they felt her genuine passion for planning their wedding. The connection they had led to a very easy decision to move forward.

We love building connections with our couples. Not only does this make the entire process even more enjoyable for us as your planners, but it has proven to be an even better journey for our couples, as well.

It is not just about the one day of the wedding, it is about the experience leading up to the event. Ensuring this process is just as much of a great time, will only bring even happier memories of the day itself year after year <3

Advice from Nicole & Tiffany: "Be selfish. Don’t worry about other people’s feelings. This is your day. A day that will only happen once."


We're so grateful to Nicole and Tiffany for sharing their incredible love story. If you're ready to join us on your own exciting planning journey, reach out to us at Celebrations! Weddings & Events. Let's work together and have some FUN!

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Videographer: Mogue Films

Rentals: EventWorks

Officiant: Ceremonies by Ray

Custom Suit: Leonardo 5th Avenue

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