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Preparing for the Unexpected on Your Wedding Day: A Wedding Planner’s Thoughts

Life has a charming way of throwing unexpected surprises our way - especially when it comes to your wedding day!


No matter how much we take pride in being perfectionists and "Type-A" people, we understand that nothing can truly be perfect. Funny enough, some of the best and most beautiful wedding day moments are those that are unexpected, but it is so important to be as prepared for these as possible. Having the option to adapt and embrace these moments can truly allow for an even more memorable day.

Wedding Timeline Buffer Room

It's pretty common to encounter hiccups on your wedding day. Whether it's an unforeseen change in the weather, your Maid of Honor feeling a bit uncertain about her hairdo, or Grandma Dottie running fashionably late to the ceremony - we plan for these moments! We always add “buffer room” into our timelines as we prepare during the planning process.

bride getting ready with her mom
preparing for the unexpected on wedding day
bride getting ready with her mom

This extra time ensures that you never feel rushed on your wedding day, and it allows us to be proactive in dealing with any challenges that may arise. We’d rather that you have to wait a few extra minutes to get started than to miss out on those additional photo opportunities simply because the timeline didn't allow for them.

An example of buffer room is giving the bride 30 minutes to put her dress on. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take 30 minutes to put the wedding gown on. But it does take the photographers a few minutes to capture the moments of your Maid of Honor or Mother buttoning you up, putting your jewelry on and so much more! We wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to capture all the finer details that make each moment intimate and special.

bride getting ready with her mom
preparing for the unexpected on wedding day

Another example could be ensuring we allot about 10 minutes to gather your wedding party and line them up for introductions. Lord knows it isn’t very easy to find the wedding party after they’d had a drink or 2. Even more challenging when you have a larger group. With extra time incorporated into this moment, we are making sure your guests are not waiting 15+ minutes for the introductions to happen, followed by the formalities like first dance, parent dances and toasts. No one wants to wait an hour to have their dinner served! With this buffer room, we are prepared to find who we need and can use any time we spare by grabbing them quickly towards more dancing or photos!

bride getting ready with her mom

There are so many more fun areas that we incorporate buffer room to ensure no detail is missed to the best of our abilities. We’d dive deep into these moments in our Timeline Creation Meeting. A 2 hour meeting (one of our favorites) that ensures we know everything there is to know about the wedding and finalize a timeline structure that works for you, your friends, your family and all of your vendor team.

Wedding Rain Delays

As far as weather, we get it! Being based in Orlando Florida definitely keeps us on our toes in the Summer months. We always have a plan for that, too! Weather back up plans are extremely important to us and we review these details in depth to ensure everyone is happy with the plan. Though it may not be your #1 choice, it is imperative to keep in mind that weather happens but so will your wedding!

preparing for the unexpected on wedding day

With many of our packages, we offer a Site Visit. At this meeting, we will review the ideal floor plan and design needs for the wedding. In this, we will also have the challenging rain back up plan discussion. Though no one likes to have it, it is imperative that we formulate a plan that we will be happy with on wedding day if the universe decides it will rain on your wedding day. We run through every detail as if it was always supposed to be in the back up plan area and ensure all aspects are accounted for.

wedding rain back up plan

With that in mind, check out our blog post on how rain can be considered good luck on your wedding day. From our experience, our couples still find the light on a rainy day. Wedding days are all about the love shared anyways, right? Why not remind yourself about the happiness of the marriage than worrying about the rain. We'll worry about that for your and dive deep into getting that back up plan ready to go for you!

wedding rain back up plan

Overall Wedding Planning Guidance

Together, we'll not only plan for the twists and turns of your wedding day but also embrace them. Knowing where we can problem solve on time or overall vision can truly ensure we capture the original plan to the best of our abilities. Whether that is giving extra time to capture an intimate moment, or knowing how to make the rain back up plan just as beautifully - we’ve got you!


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