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Mastering Your Wedding Look: 3 Tips Before Your Hair and Makeup Trial

Not all of us are Hair and Makeup Influencers (okay maybe we try to be when we are alone LOL) - but why not feel like you are the IT girl on your wedding day?

To ensure you find the best stylist for you and achieve the look you’ve dreamed of, a hair and makeup trial is an essential step in the wedding planning process. Today, we're sharing three helpful tips that will assist you in mastering your hair and makeup trial and leave you feeling confident while looking forward to wedding day!


Length Matters: Will Your Hair Stay Consistent Until Wedding Day?

Just like most details about your wedding - we want to have a plan! Before your hair and makeup trial, it's important to consider if you’re planning on keeping your hair your current length, or are hoping to be spontaneous and possibly make a length change before the wedding.

bride putting on her makeup
bride getting hair and makeup done

If you're considering growing it out or cutting it shorter, it's crucial to discuss your vision with your stylist during the trial. This way, they can plan and create a hairstyle that aligns with your desired length and overall look.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend: Bring Your Accessories

Accessories add the final touch and shine to your bridal look. Whether it be your earrings, hair broach, crown (okay, queen!), veil - you name it! - bring it to your trial! Your stylist will be able to practice incorporating it into your hairstyle, ensuring it complements your overall look flawlessly.

bridal accessories

While you may not have your veil just yet or your jewelry, your hair and makeup trail can really help you determine the style you are going to love - Long earrings or short? Veil or no veil? - there are so many options! With your trial, you can envision the look much easier!

bridal crown

Double the Fun: Combine Your Trial with Engagement Photos or Dress Fittings

This is always one of our favorite recommendations! Imagine coming out of your hair and makeup trial just to go home and wash it off? NO! Consider scheduling a photoshoot with your photographer to capture the beauty or going back to try on your dress - kill two birds (or even three!) with one stone!

You probably already have a wedding to-do list a mile long (remember, we can help with that!) - think about how great it will feel to cross off two major tasks at the same time! It can be super fun to maximize your hair and makeup trial day by coordinating with your photographer on your engagement photos or even boudoir shoot. Not only will you look extra good in your photos, but you’ll get a glimpse of how your look translates in professional photos.

bride getting hair and makeup done

Another fun option that can feel like less of a commitment could be to plan your trial for the same day as your dress fitting! Not only will you see yourself in (almost) the full look, but you can really get a grasp on how the hair style and makeup look enhances your dress and overall vibe.

Planning To Achieving (extra) Bridal Beauty: Let Us Be Your Guide

As your planners, Celebrations! Weddings & Events is committed to making your wedding planning journey seamless and fun! Our team planners are here to remind you of these fun details so you don’t miss a thing.

By following these three tips, you'll set yourself up for a successful and enjoyable hair and makeup trial experience. Your trial is not only a chance to perfect your wedding day look but also an opportunity to build trust and a friendship with your stylist - all important things to have on your wedding day!

Remember, communication is key. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts, preferences, and any concerns you may have during the trial. Your stylist is dedicated to making you feel stunning and confident as you walk down the aisle. Ask us for recommendations on some of our favorite Beauty Vendors!


For more insider tips and inspiration, stay tuned to our Blog and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

Are you getting excited to have a Celebrations! Planner by your side? Say “hi!” on our contact page to book your Complimentary Consultation, today!


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