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Dinner Party Style Wedding at the Luxmore Grande Estate in Florida: Sydney & Brandon’s Wedding Day

On October 21, 2022, Sydney and Brandon hosted their Dinner Party Style Wedding at the Luxmore Grande Estate in Florida. They truly wanted to capture the intimate feel of the estate and incorporate their love’s journey throughout.


Unexpected Sparks

Sydney and Brandon’s mutual friend is to thank for their beautiful story. Like many great love stories, though, they did not necessarily dive right in from the start.

Funny enough, months later at Brandon’s birthday party, sparks started to fly. This was truly the start of their four year journey so far and the road to forever.

"Hiring Sophia as our full service wedding planner is without a doubt the best investment we made for our wedding." - Sydney and Brandon

A Proposal and Fond Memory

The Wellborn, one of their favorite bars in Orlando, FL, would be the venue of an amazing memory. Sydney was under the impression that they were headed out for a few drinks before in - as they normally would.

Moments later, Sydney soon realized that these “drinks” would turn into her engagement and a fond experience together.

orange ceremony floral arch
orange wedding flowers

"Throughout the entire process we could always count on her positive attitude and professional advice." - Sydney and Brandon

Love Blooms in Unusual Times

The couple's love story deepened in 2020 - a year we all remember as a pandemic. As the world faced challenges, Sydney and Brandon found strength in each other.

first look moment with a couple

During this time, they compiled a list of places they dreamed of visiting, eating at, and vacationing. Creating this roadmap not only passed their time during 2020, but it amped up their excitement for future adventures together.

This list remains today as a way for Sydney and Brandon to keep track of where they’ve been, what they’ve loved and where they look forward to heading next!

"She was direct with our vendors and ensured we had all the right information to make the best decisions." - Sydney and Brandon

Dinner Style Wedding

As we can see from their history, Sydney and Brandon strive off of the intimacy of their love, and the special moments they share. Their wedding was to be no different.

monochromatic wedding design

Because of the overall beauty of their chosen venue, the Luxmore Grande Estate in Winter Springs, Florida, Sydney and Brandon were able to express their vision to their vendors and fully trust their creativity to bring it all to life.

dinner party style wedding in florida
monochromatic wedding reception

"With her help, not one task fell through the cracks. She was well prepared for everything and got us to a completely stress-free wedding day. And when I say stress-free, I mean I was asking if there’s something I should be doing." - Sydney and Brandon

Incorporating long tables for guests to feast at, unique and fun bent wood chairs, monochromatic designs and the romantic dimmed lighting from the venue’s chandeliers, truly set the atmosphere of their entire wedding.

dinner party wedding

A Wedding Surprise From Mama

Something special to note (and an example of how supportive Sydney’s mom is!) are the bent wood chairs. These chairs were on Sydney’s “want” list for the wedding. As many of us know, not everything on the “want” list translates over to the”priority” list when working with all wedding budgets and details. That didn’t stop Sydney’s mom from creating a wonderfully special moment for Sydney.

Working directly with Sydney and Brandon’s Wedding Planner, Sophia, Sydney’s mom was able to secretly coordinate the rental and delivery of Sydney’s dream chairs. It was no easy feat, however, ensuring the Bride did not see the chair delivery.

From many moments of distracting Sydney, covering her eyes to ensure a “room reveal” in the middle of the day, to many successful attempts of avoiding a run in, we were able to surprise Sydney!

wedding at luxmore grande estate

"Her hard work did not go unnoticed by our guests who all appreciated her time management and organization." - Sydney and Brandon

As their wedding planning team, this moment means so much to us. We love seeing family support, as well as happy tears on wedding <3 Sydney’s mom is amazing!

Trusting Celebrations! Weddings & Events with the Wedding Day

Entrusting their wedding day to Celebrations! Weddings & Events, Sydney and Brandon found a forever friend in Sophia. When introduced to Sophia, they realized she was not just going to be their planner. They knew she would be devoted to their best interests, earn their trust in supporting their decisions and remove any roadblocks that they might encounter.

While every moment of their wedding day was precious, one of Sydney and Brandon’s favorite moments was one known as a Celebrations! tradition!

"She truly planned the wedding of our dreams." - Sydney and Brandon

Have you ever thought about the fact that you will never truly be alone with your partner on wedding day until the event is over? Whether your best friend is there, your parents, your photographer, any one really - you’re never truly alone!

At Celebrations! We prioritize this potential moment together. We add this to all of our timelines and work hard on wedding day to make it happen. We call this the “Married Moment”.

“That 10 minutes to sit, eat, and drink together as a married couple was everything.” - Sydney and Brandon

We find a quiet spot for you to have a quick bite of your appetizers and your sip of choice - we grab it all for you! Even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes taken from your wedding day, we like to encourage how worth it it is! Privacy, time to decompress, and most importantly, a moment to say “we did the dang thing!” <3


All in all, Sydney and Brandon’s wedding day and love story is special. They were truly a couple that holds an extra special place in the hearts of their planner, Sophia.

One last piece of advice from the couple is: ““Get a wedding planner! That was the absolute best decision we made and the best use of our money. Second, be honest with your planner about what you really want, they are there to help you without judgment.”

This holds true with our standards as wedding planners in Orlando Florida. We are here to support you through any stage of the planning process, on wedding day and as a lifelong friend <3


Loving how Sydney and Brandon’s story turned into their wedding day? Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today and let’s be friends!

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Photographer: Alex Michele Photo

Videographer: All in White Films

Custom Signage: Ocean Hawks Rentals

Officiant: Jeff w/ Sensational Ceremonies

Dress: Minerva’s Bridal - Madison James Dress

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